The water company for the algae industry

Liqoflux focuses on water treatment for the algae industry. We offer all water treatment solutions to make your algae production successful: from purifying the water for algae cultivation, concentrating the algae culture for harvesting to recycling the water back to production


Liqoflux starts new project in Vietnam

We are proud to announce that Liqoflux is selected as the algae harvesting and water recycling partner for a new algae initiative in Vietnam. In the first stage of the project large volumes of algae culture per day has to be processed. In the coming years the...

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Invitation for 13th September

The worldwide algae market is growing and so does Liqoflux. More and more client are partnering with Liqoflux for the dewatering of the algae culture and recycling of the water back to the production process. Recently we closed large contracts in Asia and Australia....

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Liqoflux signed new contract in Australia

We are proud to announce that Liqoflux signed an important contract with an innovative Australian agribusiness. A large containerised Liqoflux unit including pre-filtration will be delivered in September 2018. The Liqoflux unit will pre-concentrate the algae culture...

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Water Purification


Liqoflux delivers water purification solutions to purify fresh and salt water for the algae cultivation/ production

Algae Pre-concentration


Liqoflux delivers algae pre-concentration solutions to concentrate the algae culture for harvesting

Water Recycling


Liqoflux delivers water/media recycling solutions to clean the water/media for recycling

Liqocap® filters




The Liqocap® filters are the key components of the Liqoflux solutions to effectively separate the algae from the water. Liqoflux selected the right filters for algae pre-concentration and water purifying and recycling. The Liqocap® filters are selected with the algae specific requirements in mind: stable flux, minimal fouling and reliable retention of algae cells.  

As all other capillary filters, the membrane serves as a selective barrier. The Liqocap® filters contain capillaries with modified Polyethersulphone (PES), increased inner diameter and pore size of 0,02 micron.


What differs Liqocap® capillary filters from the competition is:

  • High operating reliability;

  • Long service life with low maintenance;

  • Good antifouling properties;

  • Tolerance over wide pH range;

  • Easy to clean; 

Based on client’s data, together with our membrane partner, we are striving for continuous improvements on the Liqocap® filters.

Algae Pre-Concentration System to separate the ‘easy’ water



In harvesting high volumes of algae cultures the challenge is to process the high volumes in a limited timeframe and, at the same time, optimise the algae harvesting costs. To optimise the algae harvesting costs we advise a 2-step algae harvesting solution.


Step 1 

Start with the Liqoflux Algae Pre-Concentration System to separate the ‘easy’ water and pre-concentrate the algae culture up to 10-40 grams per litre.



Step 2 

Select the right separation technology (*) to separate the ‘difficult’ water and produce a high dry solid algae paste.

(*) Centrifuge, decanter, dynamic settler



Algae Pre-Concentration System specially designed for the algae industry



We know the challenges in the algae downstream process and the requirements for the pre-concentration of algae cultures. The Algae Pre-Concentration System is specially designed and built for the algae industry.

We selected innovative membranes for the Liqoflux Capillary Algae Pre-Concentration System

  • The Algae Pre-Concentration System separates the algae culture into a concentrate containing all the algae cells and clean effluent water, free from algae and bacteria. The clean water is ready for recycling to your algae production system.

  • The innovative PES membrane properties result in a stable flux and minimal fouling.

  • The smooth structure of the membranes and the well designed flow in the Algae Pre-Concentration System prevents algae from damaging and keeps the algae-cells fully intact.

  • 100% separation and concentration of the algae biomass, no loss of algae.

The Capillary Algae Pre-Concentration System is a containerized, plug-and-play solution

  • We deliver standard containerized units for processing up to 80 m3/h of algae culture.

  • The operation of the Algae Pre-Concentration System is fully automatic and PLC controlled.

  • The concentration factor is adjustable to your specific requirements.

  • The Algae Pre-Concentration System is suitable for food-grade and both fresh and marine water applications.

The cost per m3 clean water produced from the algae culture is best in class


  • Due to the low investment costs and low energy requirements you optimize the algae harvesting costs.

  • With the Liqoflux 2-step harvesting approach the investment in harvesting equipment, yearly Capex & Opex and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per kg dry weight algae are reduced by 50-75%

Capillary Water Recycling System



For many algae producers, recycling of the effluent water, after harvesting the algae, is an absolute necessity. It’s our experience that centrifuges do not harvest 100% of the algae biomass. The effluent of the centrifuge contains the ‘lost’ algae cells. The Liqoflux Capillary Water/media Recycling System processes the effluent into (1) a concentrate containing all the ‘lost’ algae cells and (2) clean water.

The clean water, free from algae cells and bacteria is ready for recycling to your algae production system. The concentrate can be recycled back to the centrifuge for harvesting. This process harvests 100% of the algae biomass!


  • We deliver plug-and-play Water Recycling Systems, using the right materials for both fresh and marine applications.

  • With the Liqocap® filters, specially designed for the Algae industry, we secure the production of clean water.

  • For water recycling we have an integrated Liqoflux Algae Water Recycling system containing: Disk filter unit, Ultra Filtration unit with Liqocap filters and Advanced Oxidation unit (peroxide + UV)

  • The Liqoflux Water Recycling System separates the effluent of the harvesting centrifuge into a concentrate containing the (lost) algae cells and clean effluent water, free from algae and bacteria.

  • The clean water is ready for recycling to your algae production system and the concentrate in recycled back to the harvesting centrifuge resulting in 100% separation of the Algae Biomass.

  • The operation of the Water Recycling System is fully automatic and PLC controlled.

  • The cost per m3 clean water produced from the algae culture is best in class.



Proven technoloy


Liqoflux demonstrates excellent performance results at client sites working with different algae strains in both pre-concentration of algae cultures as well as water recycling. We offer solutions to process low volumes of algae cultures at pilot sites, to containerized solutions for high volume processing at algae production sites from 10 m3/h up to 80 m3/h. The flow rate is dependent on e.g. the algae strain, concentration of the algae culture, water quality and water temperature. 

Our systems are made of reliable, high quality class A technical components and manufactured under rigorous quality control. 


Pilot systems:

LF1AL22 & LF2AL22



The Liqoflux Pilot systems contain 1 or 2 Liqocap® filters. The processing capacity varies from 1 – 1,5 m3/h with the LF1AL22 to 2 – 3 m3/h with the LF2AL22.


Production systems:

 LF10AL22 till LF56AL22



The Liqoflux Production systems contain between 10 and 56 Liqocap® filters. The processing capacity varies from 10 – 15 m3/h with the LF10AL22 to 50 – 80 m3/h with the LF56AL22.

Specific requirements


Please contact us for your specific requirements. When you submit this contact formwe will get back to you.