tomalgae logo For the successful commercialization TomAlgae selected the Algae Capillary Pre-Concentration system. With the new Liqoflux LF10AL22 unit with a capacity of 10 m3/h, TomAlgae is able to pre-concentrate large volumes of algae cultures and also keeps the algae cells intact. In the second step of the algae harvesting process, TomAlgae selected Evodos to produce the required high quality algae paste. TomAlgae is a company that has pioneered the development and production of freeze dried micro-algae products for utilization as larval feed in hatcheries for shrimps and fish. The company uses proven and scalable greenhouse technology to supply product year-round. TomAlgae products are high in lipids (Omega3, EPA), proteins and vitamins, are 100% digestible and capable of being used as direct and indirect larval feeds and as an enrichment source.