Belgium-based TomAlgae is developing freeze-dried microalgae for feed in shrimp hatcheries. The company has created its own microalgal “cultivar” and manufactures a lyophilized (freeze-dried) product exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, both EPA and DHA, proteins and vitamins. Please refer to for the complete article to: 

TomAlgae and Liqoflux decided to work together because they were sharing the same vision in harvesting high volumes of algae cultures – where the challenge is to process the quantity in a limited timeframe and, at the same time, optimize the algae harvesting costs. To do this, the two companies developed a two-step algae harvesting approach, starting with the Liqoflux Capillary Algae Pre-Concentration System to separate the “easy” water and pre-concentrate the algae culture with a factor of 10-20. During the night, two Liqoflux units with a total capacity of 20 m3/h, pre-concentrate the algae culture to a (1) concentrate and (2) water, free from algae cells and bacteria.

William van der Riet (CEO Tomalgae): “The biggest lesson we have learned is the strength in combining different technologies to get your desired result. We strongly believe that a two-step algae harvesting approach is the way forward when growing the culture volumes of TomAlgae. The key is collaboration and working with partners, like Liqoflux, who provide solutions – not only systems.”