algalimentoLiqoflux successfully tested their Capillary Algaecap® filters for the pre-concentration of Dunaliella Salina. Algalimento selected the LF10AL22 system with 10 Algaecap® filters for the pre-concentration of Dunaliella Salaina. With the Algaecap® filters we reach a
stable flux and a minimum damage of the fragile algae cells. Algalimento is an innovative algae company on the Canary Islands, an ideal place for algae development, given its mild climate all year round, its sea and its sun, as well as its strategic location. Algalimento is a company founded in 2012. Its mission is to
produce microalgae, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety and the hygiene of its products.

This business idea was born from three local businesses, Juliano Bonny Gomez SL, Group Satocan Desarrollos SL and Lidia Garcia Foundation, aiming to widen their experience in the world of biotechnology, particularly in the production of microalgae with developments at industrial scale. Algalimento has a collaboration agreement with The Technological Institute of the Canary Islands, which has been working more than ten years in this area, transferring to Algalimento its knowledge and experience, and training our technicians in the field of biotechnology.